Hail Damaged RoofStorm Damage?

At Suburban Roofing we are a contractor that handles everything a hail storm can damage. Your roof, gutters, windows, window screens, vinyl beading, wood damage, fence repair, fence new build and stain, deck repair, deck new build and stain, interior damages also.

We have multiple contractors we have worked with for many years. These contractors hold to the same standards we do and we trust them.

There is never a good time to need a new roof. Usually a roof replacement comes after storm damage and as a home owner you now have a lot on your plate to deal with. Suburban Roofing takes your needs as seriously as you do. It is also important to know that we specialize with insurance claims. Jeff Peters (our owner) was an insurance adjuster before he opened Suburban Roofing in 1994. Not only Jeff but he has several other previous insurance adjusters on staff.

roofing-toolsWhat does that mean to you? Less headache. We know the insurance lingo and we know how to deal with inevitable problems with insurance claims. We deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to.We remove the hassle and confusion of dealing with the insurance company. We explain the process of the insurance claim to the homeowner or business owner in detail so you understand what’s happening and what is required in order to get your damaged property fixed and fixed right. We do not play games.  A new roof should not be an overly stressful situation for anyone.




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